Position Updates – 01/26/2013

From time to time I like to share a part of my Trading Journal that pertains to positions and some of the information that I track for each. I have a little leaner position list as 2013 kicks off as I am leaving more money available for post-earnings trades. One thing that jumped out at me as I have no short positions.


PositionsI am not sure how many of you keep a trading journal but I find it important for my trading process as it helps me to be able to look back to see what I may have been thinking at a particular time during a trade. I use Collars a lot to protect positions and that is reflected here as well. I put one on the $CRM position on Friday as it drifted up to say hi to Mr. 175 – seemed prudent.

Another reason for getting a little leaner in my personal account is the ramping up of our efforts at Presidium Capital. Focus is required on managing a trading book for clients so I am working through adjustments in terms of time management as well as a good balance of strategies for trade entry and exit.

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