The Fab 5 update – 01/26/2013

This week was very good for this basket of stocks as 2 positions started the $100 Roll and have completed Day #2 as of Friday – a Monday close above and $FDX & $MHK will get Complete status.

The $MON position has been left in to see if it can run more. $ARG had an earnings report that saw its shares dip but got bought well – price recovered and the position is up slightly from initial entry. The $CAT position will be important on Monday as it has an earnings release. To help protect the short 87.5 Put for February I did buy some very cheap insurance: the February 87.5 weekly Put. I also adjusted the Call side of the trade by buying back the short 100 Call and selling the weekly 95 Call. the overall position is now a Double Calendar.

Here is the Summary:


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