The Fab 5 – 02/02/2013 update

This was a very solid week for the Fab 5 basket of stocks. $ARG and $CAT continued to make good stabs toward the $100 level. The other 3 positions have completed the $100 Roll and have been left in to attempt further gains.

The $FDX position was the only casualty with the Long Call hitting a stop on 01/29. It had a Complete status so it has been officially removed from the Fab 5 thus giving me one empty slot to fill for the coming week.

Here is the Summary:

02022013The candidate list:

  • $KMB
  • $LH
  • $ROK
  • $CXO
  • $WLK
  • $BUD
  • $ORLY
  • $EW
  • $PH
  • $KSU

2 thoughts on “The Fab 5 – 02/02/2013 update

  1. wondering what the purpose is of the Fab 5. Is the idea that once a stock gets to a price of 90 that it will most likely go to 100? why does it have to be over 100 for 3 consecutive days? if it does, what then?

  2. The purpose is the $100 Roll yes. As for the 3-day rule, that is my rule for my trading process for this strategy.
    Once it gets “Complete” status, I decide on a case by case basis on how much longer it stays in.

    Thanks for reading.

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