Position Updates – 02/09/2013

I came into this week with a higher % of cash and was looking to put some of it to work in the Long Term account. The % grew higher as I sold out of the $EWW on the pullback to the $73 area (Option volume is poor, hard to Collar up). The $DVA position looks great and will need to monitor that short Call just above at $120 (part of a Collar).

The $CRUS position continues to provide opportunities to sell premium against – buy back cheaper later (or expire each month) – thus continuing to lower my cost basis (now under $24). The Put Calendar has tremendous value going into February expiration this Friday – the down move through $30 was protected well.

I added $AIG on 02/08/2013 as a new stock position and also sold the February 39.5 Call to build a little cushion (expires this coming Friday). I will have 7 Option pieces to deal with for February expiration this coming Friday.



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