Some prep work for the coming week, 3 time frames

One of the important components to my weekend prep work is getting organized. After looking at 100’s of charts, it is easy to build a large list of potential setups. What is hard however it to whittle through that list to build something that is manageable.

Getting organized is key and one way I do that is to use a small spreadsheet to note what I am looking for from a particular stock. Here is a snapshot to one of the pages I build to help with that:

Trade_Ideas_02102013It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to allow you to input information from several time frames. It is important to recognize that other traders may have a different perspective than your own.

Also, Pen & Paper certainly works fine (I do a lot of that myself), but by taking a few minutes to input data in a spreadsheet this will help with efficiency – like with sorting the data as an example.

I hope your weekend is going well and thanks for reading.

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