Position Updates – 03/09/2013

Most of the activity in my personal accounts this week was dealing with Option pieces and/or preparing for March expiration next week. I did add an $AAPL Long position to my long-term account along with an Option Collar (current long position is 2nd entry this week, building a cushion). I also re-entered long $EWW in the long-term account.

The $CRUS position looks to be finding a soft floor for price and I will need to deal with the long March 29 Put by Friday expiration. Here is a Summary of March Option pieces that I need to deal with in the coming week:

  • $CRUS long stock, long the March 29 Put, short the March 22 Call
  • $FTNT long stock, short the March 25 Call
  • $NTRI long stock, short the March 9 Call
  • $SPRD long stock, short the March 18 Call
  • $AAPL long stock, short the March 450 Call
  • $AIG long stock, short the March 40 Call
  • $DVA long stock, own the March 120/115/105 Collar
  • $KR earnings trade, long stock, short March 30 Call (other pieces further out)
  • $DKS earnings trade, short the March 53 Call (other pieces further out)
  • $VXX short weekend trade, long the March 22/24 Call Spread

Here is a Summary on my personal account positions:


One thought on “Position Updates – 03/09/2013

  1. mid-week Update: I have exited the $AAPL position. I have made adjustments to both the Call & Put side on $CRUS. The $VXX trade was exited on Monday (per the rules, usual strategy). The $KR stock/short March Call pieces look to be called away (would leave me with long April 30 Calls). All other Short Call pieces look safe to expire for March — so far.

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