The Fab 5 update – 03/09/2013

There were 4 positions to start the week and list of 7 candidates that I was monitoring. I did not add any new positions but did close $UTX as it was very likely to hit the Time Rule in 2 weeks (this was week #4) and had March Options which needed to be dealt with anyway. So, I have 2 empty slots to fill and will list the candidates at the end of this post. Since we are heading into March Option expiration, I have to deal with relevant option pieces in $ARG & $SJM.

Here is the Summary:

03092013Candidate List:

  • $ENR
  • $ULTA
  • $KMB
  • $AMGN
  • $EW
  • $CLR
  • $ROK
  • $CERN

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