Position Updates – 03/16/2013

Most of the March expiration of Options went according to plan for positions in my personal accounts. I will now make an effort to sell April premium against existing positions as appropriate and this may include Collars.

I did execute several new trades during the week, but only a 1/2 position in $VMW made it to the weekend. Some adjustments were made to Option pieces. All existing positions from last week are still in place. Here is the Summary:

03162013For the March Options cycle, here are a few things worth noting from my Trading Review:

  • Made an average number of trades
  • End the cycle with 40% in Cash
  • Continue to see good performance with post-earnings trades
  • A recent adjustment with pre-earnings trades has improved the manageability of the reaction to price post-earnings, thus providing more flexibility in the trades outcome
  • Premium selling, including Covered Calls, continues to be an important element in my trading

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