Earnings Trades update – 03/22/2013

I have not done one of these posts in a while so I thought I would share the current Earnings trades and/or left over pieces. Here they are:

  • $KR I am long the April 30/31 Call Spread. This is ITM (in the money) so I have felt no rush to do anything. I will consider opening up the 31 strike to 32 or 33 if/when appropriate.
  • $DKS I am long the April 52.5/55 Call Spread. One twist here is that only 1/2 of the Call Spread is capped – meaning I am short a 1/2 position of the 55 Call, full position on the long 52.5 Call.
  • $COST I am long the April 108/110 Call Spread and short the 88 Put. This Risk Reversal Looks promising.
  • $MW I am short stock at 35, short the April 33 Put, and long the 35/37 Call Spread (this is a Bear Collar).
  • $NKE I am long stock (1/2 position left) with the March 28 weekly 60 Collar (small credit).

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