The Fab 5 update – 03/23/2013

I came in to this week with just 1 position for the Fab 5 and that was $KSU. With 4 empty slots to fill it was time to roll up my sleeves. I had a solid candidate list so I just waited until I found a day where I could make good entries. I added $ACT $AMGN & $RNR on 3/21 and then added $CERN to end the week on 3/22.


Here is the Summary:

03232013There are no new candidates to add to the current list this week.

Here are some current performance #s for the Fab 5:

  • 27 positions with “Complete” status since inception (October 2011)
  • Average gain of $10.90
  • $GS was the 1st to achieve this status
  • 38 positions with “Not Complete” status since inception
  • Average gain of $2.51

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