Position Updates – 03/28/2013

A shorter week as we head into a holiday as the market was closed Friday. Thursday was the day to do a review of how the week had played out and to finish up on any trimming of positions where appropriate.

I have 3 newly added positions this week that have survived the week:

$CLF Long stock, Long the April 5 weekly 18/17 Put Spread and Short the April 5 weekly 20 Call (a Collar). This is a 1/2 position.

$LNN I did a buy-write on this one at 82.90 (buy stock, sell a Call at the same time. In this case the April 85). The stock position did hit a trail stop on Thursday, but I remain short the April 85 Call.

$ORCL I did an short Put trade here to collect a nice credit: Short the April 31 & 30 Put &  Long the March 28w 30.5 Put for $.72 credit. The March 28w Put piece went poof but the Short April pieces remain.

Here is the Summary:


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