Earnings Trades update – 04/05/2013

Time to do a brief Summary of existing Earnings Trades into week-end. Here are the current positions:

  • $KR 3/6/2013  Long the stock (exercised April 30 Call) and short the April 31 Call (Covered Call). << this position was called away today so it is now closed.
  • $DKS 3/8/2013  Long the  April 52.5/55 Call Spread. Note: only Short 1/2 size of the 55 Call so a 2×1 CS. Not optimistic this produces any gains now as stock is currently trading at $46.
  • $COST 3/11/2013  Long the April 108/110 Call Spread are the remaining pieces. Still looks promising with 2 weeks left to expiration.
  • $MW 3/14/2013  Short the stock, Short the April 33 Put, and Long the April 35/37 Call Spread (a Bear Collar). Short stock position still looks good, hovering above that short Put strike still.
  • $MOS 3/26/2013  Short the April 55 Put (1/2 position left). $4 OTM today.
  • $PVH 3/27/2013  Short the April 115 Call and Long the May 115/120 Call Spread. Trade working fine, expect the short April piece to go poof & play for the rebound.

OTM = Out of the Money

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