Position Updates – 04/13/2013

Newly added positions that made it to the weekend:

Personal Accounts

  • $MPEL Long stock on 4/8/2013
  • $RKUS A Submarine Basket member. Long stock on 4/9/2013
  • $JCP Long stock (buy-write) on 4/11/2013 with the April 15 Call. I bought the short Call back on 4/12 & bought a May 14 Put
  • $JOY Long stock on 4/12/2013, a new member of the Submarine Basket

Several adjustments/exits to Option pieces. See the Summary below for specifics if interested:

  • $FFIV the Long April 12 weekly 70 Put goes poof
  • $FTNT I moved the short 21 Put strike to 18 for April on 4/11/2013
  • $JCP I bought back the short Apr 15 Call & added a Long 14 May Put on 4/12/2013
  • $NTRI I bought back the short Apr 9 Call & Sold to Open the May 8 Call on 4/11/2013
  • $BIDU I bought back the short April 12 weekly 90 Call & initiated an April 90 Collar on 4/10/2013
  • $T I Sold to Open the April 38 Call on 4/10/2013

Earnings Trades

I have 3 positions currently on with April Options (set to expire next week):

  • $DKS I am Long the April 52.5/55 Call Spread (only short a 1/2 position of the 55 Call so 1/2 is uncapped). Not optimistic that this pays anything at expiration.
  • $COST I am Long the April 108/110 Call Spread. Likely a winner AFTER expiration, lol
  • $PVH I am Short the April 115 Call (own the May 115/120 Call Spread). I expect this April piece to go poof.


$SPY I was short the April 12 weekly 155 Put and this goes poof



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