April 2013 Options expiration

Options expiration for April is upon us & as usual I have several positions with premium involved that I need to tend to on Friday. Here is a Summary:

Personal Accounts

  • $CRUS I own the April 24 Put
  • $SPRD I am short the April 20 Call against long stock
  • $BIDU I own the April 90 Collar
  • $T I am short the April 38 Call against long stock
  • $DVA I own an April Collar
  • $FTNT I own n April 25/18 Put Spread

Earnings Trades

  • $DSK Call Spread goes poof
  • $COST Call Spread goes poof
  • $PVH Short April 115 Call goes poof, own May Call Spread as remaining pieces
  • $YHOO I own an April 25/22.5 Collar, likely to go poof

Fab 5

  • $KSU Short 95 Put should go poof
  • $AMGN I own an April 115/110 Collar
  • $ONXX Short April 97.5 Call goes poof

Client Accounts

  • $CAT I own an April 87.5 Put
  • $DGI I am Short the April 40 Call against Long stock
  • $SYMC I am Short the April 24 Put (will get Put some stock, ok with that)
  • $TSN I am Short the April 24 Call against stock
  • $SPY I am short a 1/2 position of the April 153.5 Put against Long May 155 Put (a Hedge)

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