Position Updates – 04/20/2013

I post a great deal of my trade entries & exits on StockTwits and Twitter but I like to summarize each weekend after I review the week’s efforts. I had an unusual number of stops hit this week so that is something that has me a little cautious moving forward in adding any new positions.

Newly added positions for this week that survived into the weekend are:

  • $BAC I am long stock and own the April 26 weekly 11 Put
  • $SNDK I am long a 1/4 position (post-earnings)
  • $AN I am long a 1/3 position (post-earnings)

I did a recent post on the April Options work that needed to be done here so there were a lot of exits/adjustments made to positions.

Here is a Summary:

04202013Earnings Trades

$PVH I own a May 115/120 Call Spread (April piece expired)

$CAT I am Long the April 26 weekly 80/85 Strangle & Short the May 77.5/85 Strangle

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