A “to fade” play in Overstock

Good heavens.

RSI is at 89.99 as of the writing of this post. Here is a Daily chart:

OSTKWith over-sized moves like this, I put these on my “to fade” list and just monitor with Price Alerts. I like to see volume go sideways, as well as pay attention to how far it is stretched from a key moving average (like the 50 SMA in this case).

My trade approach is this:

  • Short stock at 23.75
  • Long the June 25 Call at $1.30

This would be my normal approach to this. However, when reviewing the Option chains I noticed a very large trade in June:

OSTK_June_OptionsThis made me pause here and thus I have decided to hold off on putting this trade on until I see a few more days of trading.

This stock was at $11 in April, of 2013. LoL

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