The Fab 5 update – 05/18/2013

I came in to the week with a full team. 1 position achieved the Complete status: $BDX. I have exited this position to book the gains. I am leaving in $ONXX for another attempt (good gain there so far on several attempts). $ACT was called away due to the Call side of the Collar being ITM (in the money) – those gains are now booked (was already in the Complete status column for the Fab 5). $BA looks great and should have a really good shot at getting the $100 Roll in the next week or so. I have two slots to fill going into next week.

Here is the Summary:

 05182013Fab 5 Performance Info

  • 31 with Complete status since inception (October 2011)
  • Average gain of $11.93
  • 40 with Not Complete status
  • Average gain of $2.33


  • $APC
  • $HSY
  • $IOC
  • $FISV
  • $ROK
  • $TSLA (just have to you know)
  • $ACE
  • $XOM (it was $85 in April, can it move $10 here or 40B in mkt cap?)


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