Position Updates – 06/01/2013

The month of May is in the bag.

The only newly added positions that survives the week are $AEGR and $LYV. I also made a u-turn in the $OSTK trade, provided by the long Call protection that existed. The Bear Collar in $GME is doing its job to protect the short stock position. Resilient little bugger.

I made a few adjustments to the Option pieces in existing trades:

  • $DDD I bought back the short weekly 47.5 Call and sold the June 7 weekly 49.5 Call today
  • $OSTK I added a June 25 Collar after I exercised the 22.5 Call that I was long
  • $KORS I am short the June 65 Call (moved strike up from weekly 62.5 from earnings)

Here is the Summary:




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