Mid-week Positions Update – 06/12/2013

Regular Accounts. Newly added positions this week that are still in play:

  • $AMBA I am long at 16.94 from 6/10
  • $QIHU I am long at 43.91 from 6/11
  • $EVC I am long at 5.05 from 6/11


Earnings Trades

  • $ASNA remain Short the September 21 Call
  • $DG The June 50/50/52.50 Risk Reversal Call Spread remains
  • $COO remain Long the June 105 Put
  • new this week: $LULU I have the June 67.5/70/72.5 Call Spread Bull Risk Reversal. I am also Long the weekly 67.5 Put for protection (all pieces put on 6/11/2013)
  • new this week: $ULTA I am Short the June 90 Call with stock (Covered Call). I am Short the July/June 100 Call Calendar. I have booked $6.23 in gains up to this point by existing other initial Option pieces

VXX Trade

I have Short June 14 weekly 22 Calls remaining from the trade late last week. These look to go poof on Friday.

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