That one extra pass really improving the stats starring Lululemon

NBA basketball is finishing up its season with a thrilling Finals between the Heat & the Spurs. So with that in mind, I thought I would come up with a basketball analogy to show how taking that one extra step can make a real difference between success and failure.

In my current $LULU post-earnings trade, I took that one extra step (made that one extra pass) to ensure that my trade had some protection (have much improved probability of success):

LULU_tradeHere is the trade breakdown:

  • I am Short the June 67.5 Put (I picked this level due to it being the lowest Put strike with significant OI)
  • I am Long the June 70/72.5 Call Spread
  • This trade cost me a nickel

I typically look for areas where I feel traders are putting stakes in the ground, but sometimes I am simply too early. With this trade I saw some continued weakness so I decided to add a Long June 14 weekly 67.5 Put at a $.50 debit (protects the Short June monthly Put). So far this protection has been key as price is currently hovering near the $66 level.



OI = Open Interest

One thought on “That one extra pass really improving the stats starring Lululemon

  1. $LULU trade adj: StC June 14w 67.5 Put, BtC June 67.5 Put, StO June 14w 65 Put for a .31 credit (trade cost shrinks to .24 debit)

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