Position Updates – 06/14/2013

A rough and tumble week as volatility continued to exist every trading day. The one positive in this type of environment is that volatility is good for Option sellers like me. I was rather active this week with newly added positions – 4 survived into the weekend:

  • $AMBA I am long at 17.02 from 6/14
  • $EVC I am long at 5.05 from 6/11
  • $SDS I am long the June 41 Call (short weekly 41.5 Call goes poof)
  • $WLT I am short stock, short the June 14 weekly 12.5 Put (has not been exercised by Buyer yet), and long the June 12.5/11.5 PS

Here is the Summary:


Earnings Trades

  • $ASNA remain Short the September 21 Call
  • $DG was closed on 6/12/2013
  • $COO remain Long the June 105 Put
  • $LULU I am Long the July 70/72.5 Call Spread and Short the June 14 weekly 65 Put (this piece should go poof on 6/14)
  • $ULTA I am Short the June 90 Call with stock (Covered Call). I am Short the July/June 100 Call Calendar. I have booked $6.23 in gains up to this point by existing other initial Option pieces

VXX Trade

I have Short June 14 weekly 22 Calls remaining from the trade late last week. These look to go poof on Friday (and will easily). There was no new weekend Short trade.


I have a Short 70.5 Call in $TBT that will go poof, keep all premium collected. July monthly pieces remain.

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