Position Updates – 07/20/2013

This week ended with a very busy Friday for me as I had a large list of existing positions that had July Options to tend to. I made adjustments on all but 5 positions (1 was a Fab 5) that were called away due to being capped by Short premium sold against the position (4 long & 1 short). All adjustments that were made were to August monthly expiration.

The positions in $AGN $ATHN $DVA & $NUS have an August Collar. $BEAT & $LNC have Calls sold against stock. The remaining piece in $GTN is short August 7.5 Puts. $LINE pieces left are a Short Oct/Aug 30/31 Put Calendar (currently ITM). Finally, $EWW is Long stock with a Short Strangle in August.

Here is the Summary:


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