Earnings Trades update – 07/26/2013

Given we are in the heart of earnings season, it is not surprising for me to have a higher number of positions related to this area of trading. Here are my current positions & status:

  • $ORCL — I am long stock at $30.15 (client). Stock is at 32.30
  • $UNH — I am long stock at $66.75 with an August 72.5/70/67.5 Collar. Stock is at $71.70
  • $NFLX — I have August 2 weekly pieces: Short the 220 Put, Long the 310/325 Call Spread. I expect all 3 pieces to expire
  • $AAPL — I have August 2 weekly pieces (client): Long the 435/440 Call Spread
  • $V — I am Short the Aug 200 Call. Will protect with weekly Calls as appropriate. I have a $2.78 cushion.
  • $EXPE — I am Long the August 65/75 CS, Short the September 70 Call & 55 Put. The Short September Put is currently ITM and will need to address this piece
  • $DNKN — I am Short the August 40 Put & Long the August 42.5 Call, a Risk Reversal trade
  • $BIDU — I am Short stock at 128.62 with an August 2 weekly 120 Bear Collar. The Long Call piece is currently ITM
  • $CROX — I am Short the August 13 Put 

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