The Fab 5 update – 07/26/2013

I came into this week with a one empty seat to fill ($BA was called away) and elected to give $ECL a chance to come off the bench. It was short-lived as it fouled out quickly (small gain) so I was back to 1 empty seat to fill. The $WLK position was struggling to hold the $100 level so I elected to close it on 7/24 (it had Complete status already). The remaining members are: $PII (solid earnings) $PCYC $TSLA. I have made several adjustments to the Collar on $PII this week.

So with the 2 empty slots to fill I kept a solid list to choose from and just waited for good entry points. I have started a new Option position in $VRX today. I later added a new Long stock entry in $N as it built a nice Hammer post-earnings.

Here is the Summary:


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