Trade Review in Estée Lauder

I did a trade for the earnings report in $EL on 8/14/2013. Now that the event has passed, lets see how it turned out. Here is the trade:


Here is a quick breakdown for those that aren’t sure what the heck this is:

I am long the August 60 Puts
I am short the September 60 Puts at 1/2 the size
Simply put: for every 1 September 60 Put I sold, I bought 2 August 60 Puts
This was done for a credit

So how did the stock react? Price went up. Boo !
What does this mean for the trade? Here are a couple of points:

The trade has a credit so I am out nothing to initiate it
The August 60 Puts go poof tomorrow (expiration)
I will remain short the remaining September 60 Puts, a Bullish play by itself

Although the credit is currently the only gain on this trade, I do have some flexibility into September to make adjustments if presented the opportunity.

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