Position Updates – 08/17/2013

This week was one of the busiest weeks for me this year as I had a high number of positions that needed attention to the Options pieces for August expiration. Only 5 positions in the Summary below required no attention, yikes!

I did close several positions this week:

  • $AIRM
  • $LINE
  • $OWW
  • $UNH (earnings trade with August options)
  • $YELP (earnings trade with August options, was called away)
  • $DE (earnings trade with August options)
  • $AZPN (post-earnings trade)
  • $AXL

Newly added positions are:

  • $DNKN
  • $OSIR
  • $SPY
  • $TRIP
  • $CCI (submarine basket)
  • $CREE (submarine basket, did not get called away so it survived)
  • $XONE (post-earnings)
  • $EL (earnings)
  • $CSCO (post-earnings)

Here is the Summary:



One thought on “Position Updates – 08/17/2013

  1. As of today I have updated the Trading Journal to include Dividend gains in the G/L column amount (this was tracked separately before)

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