The $100 Roll – a review of the Fab 5

I do a post each week for the Fab 5 basket of stocks. The post usually has some commentary on how each existing position is performing and I also provide a Summary from my Trading Journal.

There are times where I will throw in some data points regarding the performance of the Fab 5 since inception (October 2011). I was prodded today by @harmongreg to get a little deeper with some analysis – give some insight into why I do the Fab 5 and the $100 Roll.

With that in mind, I thought I would provide the Not Complete sheet from my Trading Journal. I added 2 new columns today: Current price and a brief Notes section to accompany it. As you can see, many of the positions went on to do the $100 Roll without me. What a Moron, lol.

Not_Complete_dataA few things to point out:

  • Each entry is a trade and you will notice that there are several stocks that I did multiple trades on
  • There are several that have had stock splits so take that in to account when you review the Current price column at the end

Stocks from this list above that have never closed above the $100 level at least once after I exited the Fab 5 trade:

  • $HYG
  • $RGLD (very close)
  • $RNR

All other positions have done the $100 Roll and most are comfortably above that level.

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