Earnings Trades update – 08/24/2013

Here are the current positions that are related to Earnings:

  • $ORCL — I am long stock at $30.15 (client). Stock is at 31.77
  • $EXPE — I am Short the September 55 Puts. The Short September Puts are currently ITM and I will need to address this piece before expiration in September. Rebounding some this week on Travelocity news
  • $WFM – I am Long stock at 55.71, short the September 50/52.5 Strangle (short Calls are covered). The net on Options is 3.29 currently
  • $MNST – I am short the September 55 Puts. I have hedged long stock twice and have a net of $2.70 on the trade so far
  • $XONE – I am long stock at 63.60 post-earnings
  • $EL – I am short the September 62.5 Puts (1/2 position left)
  • $HPQ – I am long stock at 22.14 (1/2 position left, rest called away today due to short 22 weekly straddle which was a 1/2 size position)

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