Position Updates – 09/06/2013

Holiday shortened week but was still filled with good opportunities. Here are the newly added positions:

  • $HES I am long stock (2nd trip)
  • $XONE I am long stock
  • $GWRE (earnings, see earlier Blog post)
  • $CONN (earnings, see earlier Blog post)
  • $ESRX
  • $FMC
  • $MSFT

Trades I exited:

  • $SFUN
  • $VXX
  • $ATHN (huge winner)
  • $XONE (client position, from post-earnings dip buy)
  • $SDS (hedge I put on twice)

As is usually the case, I made several adjustments to existing trades (noted by pink color on Strategy column entry). Here is the Summary:


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