Position Updates — a mid-week review

Here are newly added trades:

  • $ILMN I am long stock on a $79 trigger with short September 80 Calls. See Blog for details
  • $DAL I am long stock at 20.80 and short September 22 Calls
  • $AAPL I did a trade for the event yesterday. See this post for details
  • $SHLD I am currently short the stock at $59 with a Oct/Sep 60/52.5 Bear Collar
  • $X long October Calls
  • $CHL I am long stock. This trade has been closed as of 9/11/2013
  • $XONE I was long stock but now just short the September 65 Puts


  • $CREE I am long stock. I adjusted the short weekly Calls to monthly September 57.5 so the short Strangle is now for September 13 weekly 54 Puts & September monthly 57.5 Calls. I expect the weekly Puts to go poof, keep premium collected
  • $MSFT I used the premium from earlier positions to initiate an October 32/33 Call Spread with short September 31 Puts
  • $AMBA I moved the September Collar to October
  • $RYL I moved the short Calls down to the $37 strike (these are covered calls). It is possible that I will need to adjust up again as this stock is trying to move up. Don’t mind that problem at all
  • $DVA I am long stock with a September Collar. This position had a 2:1 stock split on 9/9/2013
  • $NUS I moved the September Collar to October

Trades Exited

$XONE I exited the long stock position on 9/9/2013 (personal position). I am currently short September 65 Puts

$CCI This was a Submarine Basket position that exited on 9/9/2013

2 thoughts on “Position Updates — a mid-week review

  1. I have exited the $AGN position as of today as well. I have also finished an adjustment on the $LNC position to October options.

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