Position Updates 09/20/2013

This week was September Options expiration and I had a very large number of existing positions that needed attention. Here is how my “cheat sheet” looked going into the final hour of trading:

Sep_2013_B_optionsI had the majority of these pieces set to expire worthless allowing me to keep any premium collected when sold. Just a few positions were Long option pieces, usually to protect Short options in another expiration chain.

Newly added positions that look to survive into the weekend (trades with an adjustment/entry/exit are noted with a Pink color in the strategy column):

  • $SDS This was a hedge that I put on Monday
  • $RMTI This is Long stock with Short November 10 Straddle & Long Oct 9 Puts (2x)
  • $SWY I am Long the October 28 Calls
  • $MGA I am Long stock for Long Term account
  • $OUTR This was an earnings trade. What is left: Short Sep/Oct 50c/45p Strangle. (The Short September 50 Calls should go poof on 9/20)
  • $ISRG Short the Oct/Oct 4 weekly 360/350 Diagonal Put Calendar in the Submarine Basket



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