Position Updates – mid week Review

I have a solid stable of existing positions but have added a few new positions this week. Here they are:

  • $EPL I am long stock at 35.75 and I added a Short 35 Straddle for October giving me a $3.40 credit. The Calls are covered.
  • $PRAA I have an October 60/55 Risk Reversal for a $.60 debit. The Calls are currently ITM
  • $JPM I am Long stock at 50.25 and I added the Short September 27 weekly 51 Straddle for a $.84 credit
  • $APC I started a new position in the Fab 5 (2nd Trip) using Options. Initially I bought the Oct/Sep 27 weekly 95 Call Calendar. I subsequently StO the October 97.5 Calls to lower my premium outlay for the trade. I will need to monitor the September 27 weekly 95 Calls, likely deal with by Friday
  • $RHT This is an earnings trade: I am Short the Nov/Oct 52.5/50 Diagonal Put Spread and Long the October 55/57.5 Call Spread. This was done for a $.70 credit
  • $KMX I am currently still Short the October 50/48 Strangle (1/2 size). The Long stock piece was sold on 9/24


  • $UBNT


ITM = In the Money

StO = Sell to Open

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