The Fab 5 update – 09/27/2013

This week was solid for the Fab 5 – until Friday when news came out that $LL had their HQ searched by the FBI. This news caused investors to sell the stock down under $100 but it has recovered some today. I have officially removed $LL from the Fab 5 (it has Complete status already anyway, seems prudent to leave as a regular position now). My actions today as of 10 am CST:

LLI have entered Long again (a 2nd trip) so the short Calls are now covered again.

Never a dull moment in this market.

The newest position in $AMP continues to move sideways so this week I have sold the October 90 Calls for 2.80. I have an Options trade on $APC that will see the Short 95 Calls go poof this week (good result, now own the October 95/97.5 CS by itself). $FLT was once again a solid performer – I will remove soon as it has Complete status already, make room for a new entry.

Here is the Summary:

09272013Fab 5 candidates:

  • $SWK

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