Position Updates – 09/27/2013

The market was under pressure most of the week but a lot of stocks managed to hold up well. Along the way there were good opportunities (as always) for new positions and I do have some newly added:

  • $EPL I am Long stock (Full) and Short the Oct 35 Straddle (1/2 size)
  • $JPM I am Long stock
  • $PRAA I own an October 60/55 Risk Reversal
  • $WLT I am Long stock in the LT account
  • $HTZ I am Short October 23 Puts (there was a short stock trade as well, cushion at 1.70). I am Long stock at 22 (1/2 size) & StO Oct 22 Calls at .95 credit (1/2 size)
  • $CERN “to fade” play. Short stock at $55 with Long October 55 Calls to protect for a $.75 debit

Adjustments made this week:

  • $AAPL I sold the 1/4 Long position on 9/23. I remain Short the October 450 Puts (1/4 size)
  • $AMBA I sold the October 16 Puts & bought the October 18 Puts so the Collar is now 17/18 (yes Puts are higher) for the Long stock position
  • $RYL I had sold the stock on 9/23 but re-entered a new Long on 9/24 (it held $40 level well, 200 SMA)
  • $UBNT I exited this trade
  • $Z I sold the Long stock piece on 9/23. The Short October 4 weekly 100 Calls remain
  • $SOHU I added back a 1/2 size Long stock piece on 9/25 so back to a Full size.
  • $KMX This is an earnings trade. The remaining pieces are the Short Oct 50/48 Strangle (1/2 size)
  • $LNC I BtC October 44 Calls so this trade is now closed from 7/1/2013 for +7.03 overall

Current Earnings Trades:

  • $EXPE
  • $WFM
  • $GWRE
  • $OUTR
  • $RHT
  • $KMX

Positions that I am keeping a close eye on are $HAIN $XONE $JO

Here is the Summary:


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