A look under the hood in the Submarine Basket

Submarine_basket_09282013I post the list of positions in this Basket frequently via @StockTwits or my twitter account but likely the messages get lost in the noise. So from time to time I will post my Journal entries in a Blog post. Here is the latest including any adjustments that have been made since entry.

  • $CREE I have a LOT of cushion here from the Option premium sold since entry
  • $HTZ This seems to have stabilized
  • $IMPV I am watching $IMPV for it to find some footing for a new Long entry (currently have some left over Short 50 Calls for October)
  • $ISRG I have weekly Options that expire October 4 so that piece will need to be addressed by Friday
  • $MSFT The Call Spread in $MSFT is currently capped so I will need to adjust that before expiration (could be called at any time)
  • $SLCA


2 thoughts on “A look under the hood in the Submarine Basket

  1. $CREE trade adj: BtC Oct 60/55 Strangle, StO Oct 4w 64.5 Calls & StO Oct/Oct4w 62.5 Put Cal for 3.63 debit. Options net down to +3.80

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