Position Updates – 10/04/2013

I traded a little less this week as I am quite invested in the market already. Here are the newly added regular positions that survived to Friday:

  • $FXCM I am long a 1/2 size position at 19.65 and short the November 17.5 Puts (1/2 size)
  • $CRZO I am long stock at $40 and short the October 40 Calls against (covered calls)
  • $EWBC I am long stock at $32

As usual I have made some adjustments to existing positions and you can see those details in the Summary at the bottom (trades with adjustments are noted in Pink on the Strategy column).

Exits (including partial)

  1. $OUTR I had short October 45 Puts remaining from the earnings trade. I BtC on 10/4 for $.10 bringing the overall gain to +6.48
  2. $ABG
  3. $CERN I covered the short stock piece at $54 on 10/4. The Long October 55 Calls remain
  4. $Z This trade is now closed

Earnings Trades

Only newly added trade this week – that is still on – is $WAG

Submarine Basket

Newly added are: $GMCR $MLNX to bring me to 9 positions. I adjusted the $MSFT trade to a 32/34 Call Spread now. I also did this adjustment on $CREE:


Here is the Summary:


One thought on “Position Updates – 10/04/2013

  1. I left off a newly added long position in the Submarine Basket for $OUTR (now that earnings trade is closed). This is a Gap Fill play.

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