The Fab 5 Update – 10/11/2013

There were no new additions to the Fab 5 this week. I did exit the $N position (stock was assigned on 10/7 due to Short Calls sold against). The $N trade had an overall gain of +$21.9. It had already achieved Complete status so this result was just fine 😉

There are two empty seats to fill as I am taking out $FLT as an official Fab 5 position to make room for a new member (it has Complete status and is beyond the time rule anyway). The current Fab 5 positions are: $AMP $APC $LLL

The $LL position remains as a position as well but is not an official Fab 5 member anymore, just a regular trade.

Here is the Summary:


Fab 5 Candidates:

  • $CB
  • $SLB
  • $DOV
  • $GRA
  • $SWK

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