Position Updates – 10/11/2013

I was traveling out of the country this week (vacation) so I limited my trading for new trades. The timing was pretty good as the market has seen some very rough waters due to the Shutdown “crisis” but seems to be fighting through it nicely.

Newly Added (that survived to Friday):

  • $DECK new Long in Submarine Basket (with Options)
  • $MNST new Long in Submarine Basket (with Long Puts)
  • $CLDX a “To Fade” play, short Stock with an October 29/30 Bear Collar. This BC was later adjusted to Nov/Oct 25/27 for a $.85 debit on 10/9. See Blog post here
  • $CTSH a Breakout play hit a $85 trigger on 10/11


$COST I BtO the Oct 11w/Oct 25w 113/112 Diagonal Put Calendar for a $.20 credit. I have sold the weekly 113 Puts already (see Blog here). The short October 25 weekly 112 Puts remain

$YUM I am long stock at 66.5 (1/4 size) and short the October 11 weekly 67/66 Strangle (1/4 size each). The Short 66 weekly Puts went poof today, keep premium collected. Update: I adjusted the Oct 11 weekly 67 Calls to October 67.5 Straddle on 10/11 for a $1.47 credit


  • $CERN I exited the remaining Calls on 10/7
  • $ILMN I exited the final piece of the trade on 10/9
  • $OUTR I sold this Long from the Submarine Basket on 10/8 at 63.25 for a gain of +10.25
  • $SLCA I sold this Long from the Submarine Basket on 10/9 for a gain of +7.20 (oldest position, had owned since 2/27)
  • $GMCR The newly added Long position hit a Trail Stop on 10/9 for a small gain of $.50 (I will revisit). Submarine Basket
  • $EWBC I have sold the Long stock position at 32.40 on 10/9 for a small gain of $.40
  • $SWY I sold the October 31/33 Call Spread for $.60 credit on 10/9. Overall gain was $2.62 for this Option trade (did not carry into Earnings)
  • $MSFT I sold the October 32/34 Call Spread for 1.15 credit on 10/9
  • $ARIA I was short the November 5 Puts (after a BIG flush). I covered for a nice gain on 10/9
  • $NUS I exited the final piece (Short Calls) on 10/9

 Adjustments worth noting

  • $HAIN I added Short stock on 10/9 to hedge the Short Puts part of the Straddle Sale as it continued to fill the Gap. This hedge was covered for +$6 so the cushion on the trade has grown to +12.60 (including Options net)
  • $ILMN I had exited the Long stock piece on 10/7 but left the Short October 82.5 Calls. I did BtC on 10/9 for a dime so this trade is now closedILMN
  • $PRAA I sold the October 60 Calls leaving the short 55 Puts (other part of Risk Reversal trade)


  • $RYL I sold the stock on 10/9 at $38 for a -$2 loss. The Short Nov 40/38 Strangle remains. However, overall gains on the trades stand at $6.83 including Options
  • $CREE I sold the stock at $69 breach on 10/9 but remain Long the October 11 weekly 70 Puts & Short the Oct 62.5 Puts. Here was the Long Puts entry on 10/3:CREE_Sub

Here is the Summary:


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