Position Updates – 10/19/2013

My focus this week was primarily on existing positions due to October Options expiration. I did add a few new trades that survived into the weekend nonetheless (degenerate, lol):

  • $OPK
  • $SFUN
  • $YY
  • $SLCA
  • $TDC (submarine basket)
  • $URI (earnings trade)
  • $IBM (earnings trade)
  • $CB (Fab 5)

I had a lot of work to do with positions that had October Options (wrote my plan here). Several results worth noting:

  • I was Put stock in $XONE at $55 but have an Options net cushion of over $12 so I am fine with this 😉
  • I was able to buy back the Short Straddle in $HAIN for a nice profit of over $6
  • As usual there is always a surprise during expiration week and this time it was the $TXRH position being called away due to short Calls against stock. So be it
  • I have been Short a Strangle or Straddle on several positions but have switched to Collars (or Long Put protection) as we head into Earnings season. Examples of this are: $TRIP $SOHU $SLCA $DECK
  • I had to buy back the Short 97.5 Calls on $APC for 1 penny as it was very close to the strike. Sometimes it is just easier to pay up and save the mental capital for other trades

Here is the Summary:




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