Position Updates – 10/25/2013

I did less trading this week as I am still on vacation but managed to pick some spots to participate. Newly added positions that survived into the weekend:

  • $CCL This was a Gap Fill play. I am long stock at $33
  • $VMW This was an Earnings trade
  • $COH This was a post-earnings trade
  • $CREE This was a post-earnings trade
  • $GRA Fab 5
  • $UPS Fab 5

Existing positions (or new this week that did not survive) that I exited:

  • $CLDX
  • $MAN
  • $NQ
  • $OPK
  • $PRKR
  • $SCTY
  • $SFUN
  • $YY
  • $JO
  • $NUS
  • $DECK (Submarine Basket)
  • $NFLX (Earnings)
  • $CAB (Earnings)
  • $APC (Fab 5)

Here is the Summary:



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