The 50/50 Trade

One of the strategies that I prepare for each week is my “To Fade” trades. There are several stock scans that I utilize to build the list but I wanted to focus on one in particular for this post: 50% above the 50 Simple Moving Average (what I call my 50/50 trades).

This past Sunday I posted a brief snapshot of some of my prep work. This list included 4 names that were on my “To Fade” list that were from the results of this particular scan. Here is that snapshot again:


Now let’s see how they turned out:

  • $ARWR closed at 7.99 on Friday so it consolidated, remains strong/holding gains
  • $ASTM closed at 4.34 on Friday. Ouch. It managed to trade above $6 this week before getting the flush. A very nice winner for those that took this trade
  • $PRKR closed at 3.11 on Friday. Bigger Ouch. This is a trade that I took on a trigger at $7.5 for a short. Closed way too early though, well done to those that rode it down over 50%
  • $SCTY closed at 58.03 on Friday. Remains in a Flag for now


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