Mid-week Review

Just a brief post on the trading activity this week:

  • $CCL I added short November 35 Calls for a $.46 credit on 10/28
  • $EPL I sold the November 35 Calls for $2.70 on 10/30 (leaves short November 40 Calls)
  • $LULU I added November 70 Puts (to make a Collar) for a $.86 debit on 10/30
  • $AMBA Collar is doing its job on the weakness on 10/30
  • $TRIP I moved up the Puts from 70 to 75 on 10/28 for a $1.05 debit
  • $SOHU I have exited the final pieces of this trade on 10/28 for a $14.71 gain. I am exiting due to sentiment on China stocks but I will revisit (update: gain # did not include selling the November 80/70 PS for 8.15 so overall gain is $22.86)
  • $EFII This is a new long in the IRA account
  • $ANF This is a new long in the Submarine Basket
  • $HTZ I adjusted the short November Calls from 23 to the 24 strike on 10/28
  • $NCR This is new long in the Submarine Basket
  • $LGF This is a new Earnings trade (put this on early)
  • $AAPL Earnings trade (all 4 pieces still on, 2 will have to be dealt with by Friday)
  • $BWLD I remain short the November 140 Calls (top part of Call Spread)
  • $QCOR I went short the November 1 weekly 57.5 Puts (post-earnings) for a $1.60 credit
  • $GRA I sold this stock out of the Fab 5 for a $1 loss (gets Not Complete status)
  • $RYN I am long stock at 47.16
  • $TTWO I am long the November 18/19 Call Spread (earnings trade)


Oh, and I am still on vacation. LoL




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