Position Updates – 11/01/2013

This was a muted trading week for me as I was finishing up my vacation. Here are some of the adjustments to existing trades:

  • $CCL I added short November 35 Calls against my long stock position on 10/28
  • $EPL I sold the November 35 Calls (long part of a Call Spread) on 10/30 leaving the short 40 Calls through Earnings
  • $LULU One of the best moves I made was buying the November 70 Puts for $.86 on 10/30 (protects long stock) as this stock continues to show weakness
  • $RYL I sold the stock when it hit a Trail Stop on 10/31. I remain short the November 43/40 Strangle (I expect to adjust this before expiration in 2 weeks)
  • $TRIP I moved up the long 70 Puts to 75 on 10/28. This piece is part of a Collar that is protecting long stock
  • $SOHU This position was closed on 10/28
  • $WLT I adjusted the short Calls (against long stock) to next week expiration. This was post-earnings. The stock really ran after I did this adjustment to close above $17
  • $URI BtC Nov 67.5 Calls & StO Nov 65 Calls. Now own the November 62.5/65 Call Spread with short November 60 Puts. Options Net bumps up to +4.66

Newly Added positions:

  • $EFII
  • $ANF
  • $NCR
  • $LGF (Earnings, early trade)
  • $AAPL (Earnings)
  • $V (Earnings) update: this was closed on 11/01
  • $FB (Earnings)
  • $RYN

Here is the Summary:





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