Submarine Basket update – 11/01/2013

I have made adjustments to 4 existing positions in the Submarine Basket (noted by pink color):


$ANF & $NCR are new positions this week. I will let the $LNG position get called away if price stays above the $38 strike (short Calls there against stock). I have sold the $CTRX stock position today and BtC the short 52.5 Calls from the Collar. The Put Spread remains.

3 thoughts on “Submarine Basket update – 11/01/2013

  1. Regarding the ANF trade, it says your option net is 3.86. Was the actual price of the Nov8/37/Straddle $3.13 ? Or do you deduct the debit created buying back the Nov1/37/Straddle?

  2. A good question. To BtC the Nov 1w 37 Straddle it was a $.43 debit & the StO Nov 8w 37 Straddle was a 3.56 credit so that is where the $3.13 credit comes from. You then add that to the initial credit of $.73

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