Weekly Options expiration – the plan

I have several existing positions with weekly options set to expire today. Here is a brief list with expected steps/results:

$AAPL I am long the Nov 1 weekly 550/500 Strangle. I expect these pieces to expire. This will leave me with the short November 29 weekly 550/500 Strangle. Earnings trade

$CVX I am long the November 120 Calls and short the weekly 121 Calls (Diagonal Call Spread). I expect the weekly short Calls to go poof. I will resell the 120 Calls for next week now that Earnings is over

$CSCO I am long stock and short the weekly 23 Straddle. I will adjust this to next week expiration

$WLT I have BtC the weekly 16 Calls (covered by stock) and StO the November 8 weekly 16 Calls for a $.52 credit taking my Options Net up to $1.78

$FB Earnings trade. I have BtC the weekly 50 Calls and StO the November 8 weekly 51 Calls for a $.28 credit. I now own the Nov/Nov 8w 49/51 Call Spread. The short weekly 49 Puts should go poof today. Options net is now positive at +$.12

$ANF I have BtC the short the weekly 37 Straddle and sold the same for November 8 weekly for a $3.13 credit. Options Net now up to $3.86 for this Submarine Basket position

$LNG I am long stock and short the weekly 38 Straddle. I will let the stock get called if price stays where it is (above $39 right now). Submarine Basket

$CREE I have a left over short piece of the weekly 62 Calls that will go poof. The remaining trade is long stock (1/2 size) with the short November 8 weekly 61 Straddle

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