The Fab 5 update – 11/09/2013

I came in to this week with a full stable of 5 positions and all survived into the weekend. There are 2 that already have Complete status ($AMP $LLL) with $UPS being the next expected $100 Roll.

As we head into November Options expiration next week I will be looking to adjust the $AMP position to December Options – but take it out as an official Fab 5 member given it has achieved the $100 Roll. This will free up 1 empty spot to fill. The $CB position has November Options so I will adjust to December expiration. The $LLL position does not have Options so no adjustment needed. I will also remove it soon as an official position to make room for a new candidate since it has Complete status already.

Here is the Summary:


Fab 5 candidates:

  • $AGU
  • $CTSH
  • $DOV
  • $SBAC
  • $ILMN

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