Position Updates – 11/09/2013

Since we are in Earnings season now, a great deal of my trading in new positions involves trades for this catalyst. My plan is always to do some pre-earnings trades but I often get involved post-earnings as well. Here are the newly added Earnings trades for this week that survived into the weekend:

  • $TLSA I am short the December 6 weekly 140 Puts
  • $FOSL I am short the November 135/130 Strangle
  • $QCOM I am long the November 70 Calls
  • $STCY I am short the November 50 Puts and short stock at $58 (1/2 size left)
  • $WFM I am long stock at $58 (1/4 size) and short the November 58/57.5 Strangle (1/4 size each)

Here are adjustments to existing trades:

  • $CRZO I adjusted the short November 45 Calls to December 45 Calls for a credit (calls are covered). Options Net is now +$.51
  • $DAL I adjusted the short November 24 Calls to December 26 Calls for a debit (calls are covered). Options Net is now -$.68
  • $EPL I exited the final piece of this trade on 11/04
  • $LULU The short November 8 weekly 74 Calls go poof, keep all premium collected. I remain Long stock and the Long the November 70 Puts
  • $NSM This position had an Earnings report this week and I did several steps in the trade. The long stock position was sold on 11/07 for a large loss. I exercised the Long November 50 Puts and covered the stock for a large gain (exceeded stock loss, was protection for this purpose). I am currently short stock on the breach of $40 on 11/08 as a hedge on the remaining short November 50/40 Strangle. Options Net is +12.35
  • $RRGB I adjusted the November 75 Calls to the December 80 Calls on 11/05. Options Net is currently +1.40
  • $RYL I BtC the November 40 Puts on 11/08. The short November 43 Calls remain
  • $TRIP I adjusted the November 82.5 Calls to the December 85 Calls, BtC November 60 Puts & added November 80 Puts on 11/04
  • $EWW I adjusted the November 65 Straddle to the December 63/62 Strangle on 11/08. Options Net is at +13.84
  • $XONE I added November 55 Puts on 11/08 for Earnings next week
  • $SYY I StO November 34 Calls on 11/04 (calls are covered)
  • $ANF I exited this position (Submarine Basket)
  • $CTRX I exited this position (Submarine Basket)
  • $MLNX I exited this position (Submarine Basket)

Here are newly added regular trades:

$CTXS I am long stock at 59.80 (1/3 size) as of 11/07. I added the short November 60 Straddle (1/3 size each) on 11/08. Submarine Basket

Here is the Summary:




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