Position Updates – 11/15/2013

This was a very busy week as it was November Options Expiration. I have a very large # of existing positions with November Options (see my Plan here) and so this was my focus this week. I did add a few new positions that survived into the weekend:

  • $TSO
  • $MAN
  • $JAZZ (Fab 5)
  • $GMCR (Submarine Basket)¬†GMCR_trade
  • $SINA (Earnings)
  • $TWTR (1/2 size)
  • $GTLS (Submarine Basket, 1/2 size long stock with Options)

 Trade Exits this week (including new trades this week that are closed already):

  • $MNST (Submarine Basket)
  • $LULU
  • $NSM
  • $RYL
  • $WFM (will let stock get called away, keep premium collected)
  • $YOKU (Earnings, short Puts will go poof today < this is the remaining piece)
  • $URI (Earnings)
  • $FOSL (Earnings)
  • $QCOM (Earnings)
  • $CVX (CS expires worthless)
  • $TTWO (CS expires worthless)

Current Submarine Basket:

  • $HTZ
  • $GMCR
  • $GTLS
  • $NCR
  • $TDC

Earnings Trades that remain:

  • $VMW
  • $LGF
  • $AAPL
  • $TSLA
  • $SINA

Here is the Summary:


3 thoughts on “Position Updates – 11/15/2013

  1. November 120 Calls were auto-exercised so I own stock at $120. The short 121 Calls go poof.

  2. The $GMCR trade needs a little more clarity: the $61 Calls are for the December 13 weekly expiration, not Monthly.

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