November 22 Weekly Option expiration

I have several existing positions with Options as a part of a trade that expire this week. Here is a brief rundown:

  • $JCP I am short the 8.5 Calls (was part of a short straddle for Earnings). These are covered by stock and I will likely let it get called away – keep the Option premium gains ($.67 currently)
  • $GMCR I am short the 52.5 Puts (part of Earnings trade). Will go poof
  • $TMUS I am long stock and short the 26.5 Calls. Will sell premium for next week, buy these back if need be tomorrow (currently just a hair OTM)
  • $IOC I am long the 92 Puts (protecting long stock). Will sell tomorrow for good value
  • $TSO I am long stock and short the 55 Calls against long stock. These are ITM so will need to sell premium further out to buy these back tomorrow if need be (that is the plan, keep adjusting & collecting more premium)
  • $CSCO I am long stock and short the 21.5 Calls. Will need to monitor as they are near ITM
  • $T I am long stock and short the 35 Calls. Will need to monitor as they are ITM
  • $WLT I am long stock and short the 17 Calls. These will go poof, keep all premium collected
  • $SINA I am short the 80 Calls (left over piece from Earnings trade). These look to go poof, keep all premium collected)
  • $CRM I am short the 56 Straddle (Long other expiration of same) so I need to address the Put side by Friday expiration
  • $HD I am short the 81/78 Strangle (Earnings trade). Should go poof Friday, keep all premium collected

3 thoughts on “November 22 Weekly Option expiration

  1. correction on $JCP entry above: the short Calls are for next week so nothing to expire this week on this Earnings trade. I am long stock, Short November 29w 8.5 Calls, & Long the November 29w 9/8.5 PS.

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