Position Updates – 11/22/2013

I have several newly added positions this week that will survive into the weekend:

  • $IOC
  • $CPB
  • $EBAY
  • $JCP
  • $DLTR
  • $TFM
  • $GPS

I had a significant number of positions with Weekly Options expiring today. I wrote a brief Blog post here with the plan.

Trade (or partial trade) exits this week:

  • $WLT I sold the Long stock piece in the LT account. The December 17.5/14 Put Spread remains. The Short weekly 17 Calls will go poof
  • $BIIB This was a “to fade” trade. Day-trade only
  • $HD I am short the Weekly 81/78 Strangle (Earnings). I expect this to go poof today
  • $SINA I am short the Weekly 80 Calls (Earnings). I expect this to go poof today
  • $GMCR Position in the Submarine Basket that I held through Earnings
  • $ONVO This was a “to fade” trade

Current Submarine Basket:

Earnings Trades that remain:

I made several adjustments to existing positions. Here is the Summary:



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